Break Through and start to design your TRUTH'S in Life by removing the Lies We Tell Ourselves. Fill out the form below with your name, Email and Phone number and I will share with you an intro video on where to start. The Lies We Tell Ourselves, and Truth Mastery are all about getting your mindset right and in a direction that makes sense. What we will teach you, will give you the freedom to finally  achive all that you desire. I promise you, what we have to to offer you really works. Get started today!
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Robert Kintigh is the founder of Truth Mastery Success Program and the author of a new book called The Lies We Tell Ourselves. Robert has also written many ebooks on internet marketing, personal growth and government contracting for small businesses. Robert has also been a speaker for the past 20 years helping audiences of all sizes understand how to achieve and create a strategic mindset for success.

Robert has taken what he has learned over the past 30+ years and has combined it all into a course that is easy to follow and easy to implement. This course and all the products that come with it are powerful pieces of wisdom delivered to you in a way that makes them easy to implement and digest. These 10 steps are powerful and straight forward and can be implemented for whatever it is you desire.

Here is why you need the Truth Mastery Course:

  • You are stuck in a place in your life and you want to move past where you are at.
  • You want more out of life but do not see how to make that happen for you.
  • You want to excell in your career or sales position but you just can't seem to be at the level you desire.
  • You are a CEO or Executive and your performance is lacking leadership and more success.
  • The kids and your spouse are becoming a bigger struggle each and everyday. You are deperately seeking answers to this problem.
  • Your clients are not staying around and you want to discover
         how to build better, deeper, relationships.
  • You just want to be happier in life
  • You want to increase your networth
  • You want to grow your business and are out of ideas
  • You want to learn how to plan and execute your ideas
  • You want to get better at networking
  • You want to learn new skills

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Live Events!
Truth Mastery Success Course
We teach you the 10 steps to success to help you succeed in any area of your life you desire.

Employee Behavior Modification
Help grow your employees as we teach them to work through their problems, learn from their online journal and enforce the behavior that we desire from them.

We put on webinars 3-4 times a month on the subject that you are looking for from conquering fear to starting a business with a clear conscience to building better relationships.

How to Guides
We are always putting out free and paid how to guides to help you work through your wants, desires, goals and dreams. We also have internet marketing guides to help you market any ideas or products or services you are working on.

Speaking Events
Need a speaker for your next big event? Want mindset and success training delivered to your corporation or sales staff? We have dates available for you. Just contact us and we will see if we are available for your date.

Truth Mastery Retreats
Upcoming bootcamps help at retreats in the Bahamas, Orlando, Hawaii and Colorado. Come and join us for 3-5 days of growth, cleansing and more. The Truth Mastery Program truly as it should away from stress and in a nurturing enviroment.

Event Partnerships
If you are a large organization and you want to extend your brand and reach and partner with us then please contact us and we would love to put on a live event and more and showcase you as the sponsor as well as delivering to you our program to your people.

Radio and Podcast
Robert is available for Radio shows and podcasts where he can deliver his messgae and program to your audience. We perform interview style to a general broadcast and take callers.

Truth Mastery CD Course
is coming out in July of 2011. Pre order yours now and receive several bonuses that go with the course as an add on. This is a $500.00 value and is free if you pre-order by June 30th. The cost of the program is $395.00 plus shipping and handling.

Truth Mastery Online Home Course
We have an online platform and homestudy course for those of you who want to study on your own and save the cost of traveling. This study course will take you through the steps in an outlined course over the next 12 months.

Truth Mastery Mastermind Groups Video
We are developing mastermind groups via webinar delivery and are look for people who want to join them. These Business mastermind groups are for high achievers and personal growth all stars.

Group Video Coaching/Mentoring
New coaching groups start every 8 weeks and are deliver via webinar. You can learn from a grooup of 15 people and your coach. This teaching leverages the power of the group and the education provided by Truth Mastery to help you climb to new personal growth heights.

Live Broadcasts
We provide monthly live broadcasts on many topics that we know will help you grow both in business and your personal life. These live bradcasts are anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the subject.

On-line E-Course with Journal Function
We have an online e-course that will help you with your Truth Mastery Success. We have set up an educational program that is 12 month in length at a time and delivers powerful videos, assignments, and assessments and more.

Here is how Truth Mastery works:

Robert will take you on a mind cleaning journey where we will learn how to take regular self-assessments. From this point we will work on conquering the 9 additional steps toward Truth Mastery Certification. We will teach you how to work through your problems and goals and take you on a natural process to accomplish what you want. This program has been working for over 25 years and has been enhanced to help you get to your goals fasters, more efficient and with less frustration. This process is about complete clarity as are all of Robert's programs.

No matter if you attend a one,two or 3 day workshop, you will leave with very valuable keys to success by learning more about yourself and your desires. We will not just pump you up all to deflate the next day after the event. Everything we teach you is real, is a real reminder to you of what you want and we have the support to back up what you learn. You have the optino of receiving mentoring from Robert or one of the Truth Mastery coaches to ensure that you have someone keeping you accountable and on track.

What Will This Program Do For You:

Once you have taken the Truth Mastry Success Course, you will have the tools that you need to get past anything that is holding you back in life. You will have the knowledge to conquer your fears, goals and dreams. You will have a system that will take you through the steps to freedom. Let's face it, life gets moving so fast sometimes and we forget to stop every once in a while to get clear on what we really want in our life. Truth Mastery is that reminder for you as we teach you to start with slowing down and spending time with yourself. It does not matter if you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or a stay at home mom or run a small business, this success program will take your life to an entriely different level.

We are excited to bring to you this success program as we have worked many hard years to pull it all together. We have taken great care to make sure we deliver a complete program to you that will get down to what you really want so that you live the best life possible. This program is for everyone so do not hesitate to take our program. There is so much out there in the world for you and we want to help you go out there and grab it and more importantly to master it.

The biggest challenge ahead will be you so do not worry about anything else. What we need to do is help you to get over you, your thoughts and your ideas that are holding you back. It is time that you get everything that you deserve. Your gonna excell from here on out and we can't wait to celebrate with you.

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We have a home course if you cannot make it to the next live event. This 6 cd test takes you through the workbook and helps you to achieve all that you want. The cd's are powerful and Robert will take you on the same discovery journey as if you were right there in the event.
Truth MAstery Course with Robert Kintigh